What They Are Saying About Tony Annese

What They Are Saying About Tony Annese

Big Rapids, Mich. - Below are a few comments from various individuals about new Ferris State University football head coach Tony Annese, who was officially appointed to the position on Thursday (Dec. 22) in an afternoon press conference.

For more information on his appointment, please visit this link for the offical release:
Official Press Release On Tony Annese

Lloyd Carr

Former Head Coach
University of Michigan
"I'm excited for him and Ferris State football will be in good hands with Tony Annese. His dad was a high school coaching legend and he had an incredible career at the prep level. I've known Tony since he coached here in Ann Arbor at Pioneer High School and I've really got to know him over the years. I recruited a few of his players and there was tremendous respect for him among high school coaches around the state. He's proven at Grand Rapids Community College that he can recruit and has just done an outstanding job at every level he's been. I'm delighted for Tony and Ferris State."

Jerry Kill
Head Football Coach
University of Minnesota
"I developed a good relationship with Tony coaching thru the Glazier Camps and when I first went to coach at Saginaw Valley State and he was at Montrose High School. He's had such great success and is an excellent football coach who's passionate about the game. He has a knack for getting kids to play hard. This is a great opportunity for him to continue his career at the collegiate level and I'm happy for him."

Arlyn Zack
Muskegon High School
"I have no doubt Tony will do great things at Ferris State. He's a magnetic person who draws people to the program and is enthusiastic. Players want to play for him and coaches want to coach for him. Tony's one of the most charismatic people with substance you'll find. He's the whole picture. You know he's good, but you won't know exactly how good he is until you have a chance to work with him every day."

Perk Weisenburger
Athletics Director
Ferris State University
"We're excited to welcome Tony to Ferris State University and the Big Rapids community. He clearly stood out in our search and is an outstanding teacher and coach with the ability to make a immediate impact on our program. He is extremely well-respected and very well connected in our region of the country and has been highly successful in all of his previous positions. We are looking forward to what he will accomplish at Ferris State."

Dell Robinson
Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
"Tony will be a great asset to Ferris State University and the GLIAC. His community ties as a former high school and junior college coach along with his regional connections will create a wealth of excitement and we look forward to watching his progress in the years ahead."

Jeff Klopf
Former Cleveland Browns WR & All-American at Saginaw Valley State
Played for Coach Annese At Montrose High School
"Tony Annese impacted my life as much as my football career. Football helped keep me focused, but I gravitated toward his personality. I had to work hard, keep my grades up to play and through football with him I was introduced to other successful avenues in life. I excelled at football not just because of him as a coach, but more as a person." 

Rob Zeitman
Current Northview High School Head Coach
Former Muskegon High School Assistant Coach
"Regardless of any obstacle in his way, Tony is always competitive to win and is that competitive in everything he does. He does whatever it takes to connect and reach the kids on their level. He always takes the time to develop relationships with his players. It's easy to get lost in the x's and o's of the game and system but he doesn't, he maintains the relationships. All of those things combine to make him successful." 

Larry Petty
Former Muskegon High School linebacker
Played collegiately at Dakota Wesleyan
"He taught us how to study the game and our position, from breaking down film and knowing different outcomes to the plays. He not only taught us football, but also traits and characteristics that we as men need in everyday life." 

 Selected comments courtesy of The Collegiate (Grand Rapids CC) - online edition