The mission of Ferris State University's Athletic Advisory Committee (AAC) is "to promote an environment for Ferris State University student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff that maximizes student-athlete success in academics and athletics and strengthens their contributions to campus and community life."


The Athletic Advisory Committee is a joint University-wide committee that will meet regularly and provide advice to the Academic Senate, Director of Athletics, Vice President(s) and President. The Athletic Advisory Committee can play a significant role in documenting institutional control over athletics. It should receive and review copies of the Athletics Compliance Manual and Operating Procedures Manual once they are developed. It should also review a Student-Athlete Handbook, once it is developed, and review financial audits annually.

The Athletic Advisory Committee can also play a role by reviewing the athletics budget, sports configuration, gender equity Title IX reports, the annual financial audit, Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) submissions, graduation, academic progress and persistence rate reports, injury surveillance reports, medical hardship waiver requests, a summary of rules violations reported and a summary of any student-athlete reinstatement requests, summary statements from student-athlete exit interviews, personal conduct reports of student-athletes, and other matters pertaining to athletic programs and personnel. As an outcome the Athletic Advisory Committee can provide comment regarding observations they discern from an objective review of the information.

The Athletic Advisory Committee will also facilitate communication and cooperation between the athletics program and the general Ferris State University community (students, staff, faculty, administration). The committee will be informed of schedules for athletics events, team practice schedules, study table schedules, and contact information for study table coordinators; approve a system of academic honors and awards for intercollegiate athletes; and oversee the FSU intercollegiate athletic program and FSU academic programs in following rules related to academics and academic faculty as set forth by Ferris State University committees, college athletic conferences to which FSU belongs, and the NCAA, Divisions I and II.

In addition, the committee will assign a faculty member to act as faculty liaison to each coach and intercollegiate athletic team. The liaison will: 1) Assist with communication between coach and faculty; 2) Assist students with issues related to academics, and to the excused absence policy; 3) Attend games and practices, when possible, to develop relationships between faculty and athletics. To this end, faculty members of the Athletic Advisory Committee will receive a Division II pass upon request.


Senate Appointed Members

Tracy Glentz, Health Professionals, (231) 591-2272,

Sandy Alspach, Arts and Science, (231) 591-2779,

Teresa Cook/Secretary, College of Business/Accounting, (231) 591-3167,

Fran Rosen/Chair, FLITE, (231) 591-3043,

Steve Amey, School of Education/Criminal Justice, (231) 591-5083,

Mark Brandly, College of Business/Management, (231) 591-2433,

Alison Jenerou, College of Optometry, (231) 591-2179,

Open, Pharmacy

Lee Templin /Vice Chair, College of Engineering Technology, (231) 591-5275,

Toni Windquist, Health Professionals, (231) 591-2318,

Chris Westerkamp, Arts & Sciences, (231) 591-5037,

Other Voting Members

Terry Nerbonne, NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative, (231) 591-2836,

Michael Wade, Mutlicultural Student Services, (231) 591-2617,

Nick Campau, Student Life, (231) 591-2949,

Emily Robison, Alumni/Community Representative

Nick Scheible, Alumni/Community Representative

Travis Hill, Student Government Representative

Aaron Wyse, Student Government Representative

Jason Binkley, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative, Hockey

Leanne Boehm, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative, Soccer

Sam Stark, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative, Men’s Golf

Kristie LeSage, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative, Track/Cross Country

Ex-Officio Members

Perk Weisenburger - Athletic Director, (231) 591-2863,

Sara Higley - SWA/Compliance, (231) 437-0027,

Jeff Stewart - NCAA Eligibility, (2310 591-3118,


Faculty liaisons to individual varsity sports:

Football - Joe Joyce, Alison Jenerou

Ice Hockey - Teresa Cook

Softball - Sandy Alspach

Volleyball - Toni Windquist

Soccer - Lee Templin

Men’s Basketball - Mark Brandly

Women’s Basketball - Fran Rosen

Men’s/Women’s Cross Country - Chris Westerkamp

Men’s/Women’s Track & Field -  Chris Westerkamp

Men’s/Women’s Golf - Tracy Glentz

Men’s/Women’s Tennis - Steve Amey