Bulldog Challenge "Lift-A-Thon" Results

Below are the final results and winners from the 2011 Ferris State University Football Lift-A-Thon and "Bulldog Challenge" held on Friday (March 25) at FSU's Jim Wink Arena in Big Rapids. The overall winning group was determined via a points system based on all events.

Group pairings included:
Small Offense - WR/H-Backs/K
Middle Offense - QB/FB/TE
Big Offense - Offensive Line
Small Defense - Defensive Backs
Middle Defense - Linebacks
Big Defense - Defensive Line

*The Offense def. Defense (74 points to 73 points)

Overall Group Winner: TE/QB/FB

Bench Press Reps (225 lbs):

Small: Jon Flynn - 22 reps
Middle: Shane McCain - 27 reps
Big: Jake Hancock & Garrett Woods - 35 reps

Pro Shuttle:
Small: Antwian Windmon
Middle: Austin Root
Big: Muneer Bawayeh

20-yard Sprint:
Small: Terrance Stevens
Middle: Kevin Guirand
Big: Jake Hancock

Tug of War:
Offense won all three groups

Talent Contest:
First Place: Linebackers
Second Place: WR/H-Backs/K
Third Place: TE/QB/FB

Dollars Raised (Top performer by position group):
1. Josh Batkins ($655)
2. Bryan Kiel ($600)
3. Trevor Smolinski ($575)
4. Jake Hancock ($550)
5. Jace Heneveld ($550)

Bench Press Reps (Top performer by position group):
WR/K/H-Backs: Tyler Thomas, 19
DB: Jon Flynn, 22
TE/QB/FB: Jamaal Jackson, 24
LB: Shane McCain, 27
OL: Jake Hancock, 35
DL: Garrett Woods, 35