2012-13 Cheer Team Tryout Information

2012-13 Cheer Team Tryout Information

Thank-you for your recent interest in FSU cheer!

We are excited for the upcoming year and hope to grow this program to even higher heights!

Please note that we will be trying out for the entire 2012-13 season as we do not have two seasons split between football and basketball. Our season will run from May of 2012 through April of 2013.

Key Notes:
-Please add us to facebook at ferris state cheer. All of our updating goes through this page.
-We do not have scholarship opportunities at this time, but are hoping to add this in seasons to come.
-If you would like to get a head start, please submit a bio of yourself including schools cheered for, stunting postition, tumbling skills or anything else to show yourself off!

Here is information on being a part of the team:

Tryouts and Open Gyms:
Open gyms: Sunday, April 15 & 22nd from 6-8 p.m. in the multipurpose room
Tryouts: Sunday, April 29, from 2-7 p.m.

What to bring to tryouts:

-Two letters of recommendations with one being from a coach. If you are a returner, you only need one letter from someone other then me or my assistant or teammate.

-$15.00 tryout fee. If you recruit a male (who has not cheered at FSU) I will give you your tryout fee back!

-$100.00 deposit for camp and nationals. If you make the team this is NON-refundable. If you do not make the team, you will receive this back in full.

-a picture of yourself

-please wear cheer shoes, plain black shorts, white sports bra, plain white shirt, a ribbon of choice for females, and for males, plain black shorts and plain white shirt. You will be judged on your collegiate appearance; you should look like you are going to be cheering a game.

-you will be judged on all skills, attitude, and responsibility.

- We are looking to take a team of 20, however we will only be taking amount with required skills.

What we look for:

We look for the best overall athlete, and are looking for advanced skills to be a part of our team. On the day of tryouts we will be looking at stunting, tumbling, jumps, dance, cheer and also your paperwork and letters of recommendations.

You will also need to sign a document that you will be present for all required dates.

Minimum skills needed:

Stunting- If you are a flyer, we require one leg extensions, and a single or double twist cradle from extension level. We will also look at how comfortable you are at trying new things, and with basket tosses and co-ed stunting.

If you are a base, we are looking for the ability to work with more than one other person and to be able to switch to back or base depending on where you are needed. We are looking for good spotting and catching skills and also the strength to be able to do advance stunting skills including: one leg extensions, baskets, extension cradles and good strong catches.

Jumps and motions:

Jumps need to be at a horizontal height or higher and you need to be aware of how to perform a toe touch, front hurdler, pike, and herkie as well as being able to attach tumbling skills to each jump. We will be asking to see a toe touch back hand spring or a toe touch back tuck.

Motions need to be STRONG and have an advanced level of placement and punch.


This year you will need to have a back hand spring, and on your way to back tuck as a minimum skill to join the team. We are also looking at other advanced skills such as aerials, punch fronts, back and front tucks, front and back walk over's, and also any running tumbling skills such as whips, x-outs, step outs, twist, Arabians, etc. Not all of this is required but we will ask to see what ever skills you can bring to our team.

Responsibility and dedication:

First and foremost, there WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these rules listed below.

You MUST be enrolled in 12 credit hours. You can be on campus or off campus student and attend any branch of FSU.

You MUST keep a GPA of a 2.0 or higher.

You MUST be able to pay and go to team camp in August 6-8th and be willing to attend team training July 31st-August 3rd.

You MUST also be available to be at school two weeks prior to school starting. If you are in dorms, athletes are allowed to move in two weeks early. We will be having practices Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm with an hour lunch for the two weeks before school.

We will be cheering for games Thanksgiving weekend, over Christmas Break and the first weekend of spring break. These are MANDATORY for ALL team members. You will need to plan accordingly for plane tickets and rides home. Dorms will be closed during breaks, so you will need to find a team mate you feel comfortable with staying with.

Practices this season will be held on Sunday nights from 6-9 pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-9pm, so when you sign up for classes, make sure there is no conflict. Student Athletes should be able to pick classes first so please talk to your adviser. You are only allowed two practices a semester to miss or you will be asked to leave the team; this includes all events, games, practices, and gymnastics.

Financial Responsibility 

Tryout fee- 15.00
Gymnastics- 150.00
Team camp- 237.00 
Gas to camp-75.00
Team training-25.00
Nationals pre registration- 30.00
Cheer shoes- 65.00 (purchase on own before fist game)
Briefs- 10.00
Sports bra- 10.00

Cost of nationals

You will need a plane ticket to Daytona once confirmed we are going. All costs depend on what bid we get at camp. It can be anywhere from 200.00 per person to 500.00 plus per person, not including plane ticket. We will set accounts up to either pay one lump sum, or to pay monthly payments.
A lot of students use financial aid or student loans to pay for expenses, if you are planning on that I will need a pre-dated check that will be held to your loans hit your account. (camp has to be paid by camp deadlines)

Any questions please contact Coach Pike: