Listing Of Social Media Week Winners!

As part of "Social Media Week", the following friends have been selected to win a free t-shirt.  If you are listed below, you can pick your t-shirt up at either of the soccer games this weekend.

Friday's (Sept. 9) game vs. Saginaw Valley is at 4 p.m. and Sunday's (Sept. 11)  game against Northwood is at noon, both games will be played at the FSU Varsity Soccer Field.

Please check back again throughout the week for more winners! 

Paule Hynes
Lynne Schieble
Hailey Patterson
Jennier Hager
Brandy Ballard
Taylor Hunt
Caleb Brenner
Barton Satfford
Aly Brecht
Chase Haberman
Michael Scott
Emma Zainea
Sarah Howard
Alex Dann
Callette Kamaloski
Beth Jiminez
Justin M. Totty
Mariah Jackson
Matt Perry
Lex Wentworth
Kristina Zywicki
Anthony Mulder
Craig Brightwell
Brandi Fifield
Lynsay Weaver
Andrew Carlson
Luke Barnard
Lauren Brissette
Eric Perrott

Kristin Beurkins
Tanner Page
Shelby Cox
Caraline Visuri
Taylor Leonard
Heather Sutton
Lucas Laughlin
Dina Finch
Dani Rydahl
Tyler Hosking
Heather Lewis
Kristen Fitzpatrick
Sarah Roda
Andrew Bollaert
Kallie Shea Hendrickson
Kyle Garner
Ryan Woodfield
John A Traveler
Brandon Flues
Chris Eaton
Bryce Doubrava
Jamie Smigelski
Courtney Beck
Brittany Jade
Rebecca Young
Brad Huyser
Connor Smith
Peggy Riddell
Ryan Aldridge

Grand Prize winner for today is Jacob Peterson!

Katelyn Bekken
Katie Renee Siple
Garrett Rose
Melissa Garza
Emily Homant
Megan Shears
Tyler Sundquist
Ryan Kaiponen
Dan Stan Mooney
Justin Gruber
Lindsay Marie
Andrea Joy Bareman
Cailey Pawluk
Barb Mapes Rapson
Stiina Gallardo
Christian Brooks
Zac Birch
Greg Fullmer
Dan Wicklund
Jonathon Doellner
Bryant Rappuhn
Nicole Heythaler
Marissa Reiber

Today's Grand Prize winner is Andrew Joy Bareman!!! - 4 free All-Access Credentials for a football game including sideline passes, press box access and 4 game worn football jerseys!!