Ferris State Postgame Press Conference Quotes - NCAA Regional Final

Ferris State Saturday Press Conference
NCAA Midwest Regional – Cincinnati, Ohio
Head Coach Bob Daniels
Opening Statement:  "First of all, I want congratulate North Dakota in winning tonight and playing a great game. I want to congratulate our players as well. They really played well, and, more importantly, it's been a great ride. I'm exceedingly proud and realize that we're going to look back and be appreciative of this year. Its a little painful right now, but I am very appreciative of the efforts of our team."
On his feelings about Cory Kane and the seniors leaving: "Cory has always been a good player, but he stepped up to be an elite player in college hockey. The seniors are tremendous leaders. Unbelievable.  And they will be sorely missed. It was quite the group of seniors, and, actually, it's what took us so long to get here [to the press conference]. It was hard to get them out of the locker room. They were giving hugs to all the other players, or the other players were coming up to them."
On the entire season (favorite memories):  "A good memory will be overtime, strictly because of how well they played.  I don't know if I can pick out anyone moment because it was a season filled of a lot of positives, a lot of highs, and it's hard to identify certain ones. "
Cory Kane (Senior, Forward)
On what it's like playing a game like this against such a great goaltender:  "We snuck one by him, but as the game got longer, he started getting more confidence and playing a lot better. It was tough and we kind of wish it went a different way."
Garrett Thompson (Senior, Forward)
On what it's like playing a game like this against such a great goaltender:  "Obviously, the number of shots we had were unbelievable. I thought we carried the pace throughout the first overtime and even the third period, and it's just frustrating not to put one past him."