Gary Bissell
Gary Bissell
Height: 5-8
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: East Lansing, Mich.
High School: Haslett
Swing: R

The Bissell Profile:
Driver: Titleist 907 D1
Woods: Titleist 980F
Irons: Nike Forged Blades
Favorite Club: All of them
Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1
The best part of being a FSU Men's Golf Team member is: great team and great coach
Why I chose Ferris State: Professional Golf Management program and the desire to win championships
Favorite PGA Golfer: Tiger Woods
Favorite Food: Qdoba
The best part about playing at Katke Golf Course is: the nice practice facility
My prematch ritual is: hit balls, hit bunker shots, and putt
The most difficult aspect of playing golf is: battling all of the outside elements
The motto I live by: It's hard, but it's fair
If I could meet anyone in history: Tiger Woods
Favorite Sport (other than golf): Basketball
My worst fear is: dying
Favorite Movie and TV Show: Dark Knight and ESPN SportsCenter
Advice I would give to youngsters is: work on fundamentals and the short game
If I could change one thing about golf: every course would have fast greens
If I had one wish, I would: be the greatest player of all time
My favorite thing about golf is: the mental challenge
My best non-athletic talent is: coaching
One word that describes me: competitive
If I could be on the cover of a magazine it would be: GQ
What makes me laugh: everything
The most important thing I've learned at FSU is: study hard
One moment in history I wish I could have witnessed: Tiger Woods chipping in on the 16th hole at The Masters Tournament
Something unusual about me is: I'm organized