Ferris State Athletics "Bettering" The Community

More Than A Game Ferris State University student-athletes are not only a source of pride for the institution both on the field and in the classroom, but often they are also recognized for the outstanding way their represent themselves, their teams and the university out in public.

Below are a few short thank-you notes recently received by department and university personnel regarding student-athletes and teams at Ferris State. If you have a story of your own that you would like to add, please email Associate Athletics Director Jon Coles at colesj@ferris.edu and we will add yours to this list.

Ferris State Student-Athletes Truly Are "Bettering The Community"  

  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The Spring Gala was incredible....and it couldn't have ever happened without your wonderful support. Your donation was an important part in helping us to accomplish our goals and mission to "Bring the Arts to Life" in the Mecosta County Area. We're all very proud to be part of a community who supports the Arts and Humanities in the Big Rapids area. Your patronage area will help Artworks to continue to grow and flourish.
    Submitted by Jeanette Fleury, Artworks
  • I just wanted to send you a thank you for inviting Big Rapids Rocket football to be part of kids day.  It was a great opportunity and the kids had a great time. I also wanted to let you know that this was the best kids day I have been to. It was nice to have the kids so involved in the game with all the activities you had planned for them.  I know one of the Rocket kids was on the sideline with the players and that was all he could talk about. Thank you for all that you did.
    Submitted by Ronald Repke, Ferris State University
  • Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the tremendous effort that you have exerted upon four current football linemen.  I had the genuine pleasure of employing Cody J. Groulx, Samuel H. Parker, Taylor W. Phillips, and Justin L. Zimmer.   They worked primarily in the Painting Department but they also worked in the Carpentry Department.  This group has a great since of responsibility, they possess hard work ethics, demonstrated visible comradery, displayed respect for all people, exhibited respect and high self-esteem for themselves.  I am taken aback by your tremendous influence beyond your primary charge of winning football games. Your efforts parallel’s Ferris State University’s main mission, preparing students for the challenges of real life.  During the group’s summer employment, they never reeked of alcohol, tobacco, or plain old musty body order.  The medium temperature inside the sealed work area of Miller Hall was a stiflingly ninety plus degrees.  The team looked silky, sweaty, but never “funky”.  The attributes that the four linemen demonstrated will make them tremendously successful in real life. Your effort is the missing keystone that has been lost ever since the demise of the family farm. Your efforts represent the rebuilding of American society's  core values. Thank you for your efforts and good luck.
    Submitted by Walter Smith, Ferris State University
  • That is just wonderful - thank you so very much.  Your kind gesture is greatly appreciated.
    Submitted by Barb Peacock, White Cloud High School Teacher
  • AWESOME, as usual. Really great guys (five hockey student-athletes). Be sure and send them our hearfelt thanks. And you too, Jon (Coles). I love how you work with us in the community to keep us connected.
    Submitted by Lenore Weaver , Big Rapids Middle School Principal
  • Coach (Bob) Daniels. I wanted to let you know that on Saturday, six of your players were at my house for The Big Event. They were great!! I do not know all of their names but there was an Andy (Huff) and a Derek (Graham). They were all professional and willing to work. Thanks for having such great guys!!!
    Submitted by Cindy Konrad , FSU Associate Professor Health Information Programs
  • To Coach Jeff Pierce and members of the Ferris State University football team: Thank you so very much for your unexpected visit and gifts while I was in Dr. Pawl's oncology clinic. You brought chocolate covered cherries with a pink ribbon and chocolate dipped pretzels with pink icing. They were all declicious and were gone before I left the office. The autographed team poster has a place of honor on our refrigerator. The best gift was your young, handsome faces and delightful smilies! I will forever remember your visit. You should read this letter twice, because last year I failed to thank you for another visit and a gift of delicate pink and white roses in a crystal vase. I assume some of you felt awkward being with us hooked up to our medicine drips, but then so were we. Every patient there has the frightening realization of why they are there and of what we are going through. I asked all of you if you knew of any breast cancer in your families. You all said, "No". Please remember to ask your mom and every woman over 40 to have an annual digital mammogram so that they might never have to sit in this chair. Thank you again, and may God bless you all. Go Dawgs!
    Submitted by Barbara Hildebrand, Big Rapids
  • Thank-you for sending the athletes. They did a great job and were perfect role models.
    Submitted by Big Rapids Riverview Elementary Principal Renee Kent
  • Thank-you so very much for having us over to watch the volleyball match. My students had a great time. They loved the Bulldog so please tell him he did a great job interacting with the the students. The games were entertaining and my class really got into the action. They also loved getting a book.
    Submitted by Dave Byrnes
  • Thank-you for the donation of tickets. Our raffle was a huge success raising over $500. This money will assist us in promoting awareness and education on child abuse and neglect to our community.
    Submitted by Heather Streicher and Barbara Holappa, Meceola Children's Council
  • "A Michigan Hero paper written by St. Peter's student Lauren Maginnis" - Drive, determination, athleticism and the ability to encourage and inspire are just some of the many qualities my Michigan hero possesses. Ashley Huntey was one of my Ferris State University volleyball camp instructors. What makes her my hero? Well there are several things that make this so. When you play volleyball, there are three positions: middle hitter, outside hitter and the setter. Before going to camp, I was an outside hitter, but I really didn't feel that was where I was supposed to be. Ashley opened another door for me - the door to become a setter. With Ashley's help, I have found my desired place on the court. This was a very important step for me in my volleyball career. Ashley Huntey is my hero because she pushed me harder than all of the other campers because she knew I could do it. She saw potential I had for the sport, and helped me develop my volleyball skills. She saw the areas I needed improvement on, and worked me in those areas, while also enhancing my stronger areas. She did all this, while also helping the other campers. That's just really amazing to me that she can work so much with me, and also help everybody else too. She makes me want to give it my all to be the very best I can be. SHe also showed me where hard work can get you. Ashley had received a scholarship to Ferris. Near the end of the camp, we got to see the Ferris players scrimmage. Ashley was amazing! Now with Ferris being tied for first place in their division, they were a great and hardworking team. They were always moving; some plays lasting for several minutes. Ashley was a sophomore and I noticed that she played aggressive, passionate, and focused. With a little hard work, she got a scholarship and became a crucial player on the Ferris team. And to top it alll off, she picked me for the No Ka' Oi' Award at the end of camp. No Ka' Oi' is Hawaiian for "The Best", so basically, it's the sportsmanship award for the camp. There were roughly 129 campers that year and out of the 129, 15 of the campers go the No Ka' Oi' Award and I was one of them. In that moment, I was so close to tears and I knew I had found my Michigan hero. With that drive and the ability to inspire, Ashley Huntey changed the way I play volleyball and my life. And to this day, Ashley Huntey continues to inspire me.
    Submitted by St. Peter's student Lauren Maginnis
  • Thank you so much for your participation in Coach To Cure MD. Thank you especially on behalf of my son Danny. His whole world revolves around sports, but he will never be able to play them. Coach To Cure MD was very special to him. Thank you for caring.
    Submitted by Jen, Dan, Timmy & Danny Confront
  • Books and Balls Day - I wanted to extend a second thank you for the prize of a pool party for one of our students. Our winning student is one whose family has recently been turned upside down by the economic upheaval that has impacted Michigan. I am sure that one afternoon in a heated pool this fall will be a much appreciated respite from what day to day living has become for them of late.
    Submitted by Dan Boyer, Morley Stanwood Middle School
  • Your team has done it again! The boys get such a charge out of having "older guys" pay attention to them and make them feel special. Not a lot of them have had that positive male bonding. You have a very generous group.
    Submitted by Lisa Spaugh, Eagle Village
  • Thank you for all your help in making "Chamber Bowl MMX" a super fantastic success. If I can even be of help to FSU Athletics, just let me know! Go Bulldogs.
    Submitted by Jim Nostrant, ServiceMaster
  • Thank you for your support of our Emeriti Golf Outing. The prizes were much appreciated.
    Submitted by Tom Cook, Ferris State University Emeriti
  • Thank you again so much!!! I speak for all of Student Government when I say we really, really appreciate your donation!
    Submitted by Emily Kearney, Committee Chair for the United Way campaign of Student Government
  • A huge thank you to Ferris State Athletics for supporting the 1st Annual Jodi Moffit Memorial E.L.E Golf Outing benefiting the Manton Summer Recreation Fund and without you, this event would not have been possible.
  • Thank your for your participation in the 2010 Many Hearts One Mission Charity Ball. With your support, patients at the United Hospital Cancer Center will have a more comfortable environment to receive their care. Your support will help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of cancer patients now and for many years to come.
    Submitted by The Spectrum Health United Memorial Foundation Board of Directors

  • Your support of the Women's Information Service, Inc. (WISE) and Mystery Dinner Theatre is greatly appeciated.  Mystery Dinner Theatre was very successful this year thanks to your commitment to WISE.  In this difficult economy, we realize that many organizations are in need of additional support to fund essential services and WISE is no different.  However, with your continued support we are able to provide the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault with continued services.  Your support truly does make a difference!
    Submitted by Terri Dodson-Seadorf, Executive Director, Women's Information Service, Inc. (WISE)
  • The Board of Directors & Staff and the Autism Society of Michigan (ASM) would like to thank you for your contribution of two FSU Hockey tickets for the Rock for Autism Benefit Concert. It is because of people who care, like you, that make it possible for ASM to continue providing resources, information, support, workshops, and conferences to all families and individuals dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) throughout the state.
    Submitted by Kathy Johnson, President, Board of Directors, Autism Society of Michigan
  • I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for us this year, we are so grateful to have athletics' support!
    Submitted by FSU Club Lacrosse
  • On behalf of the Hospitality Program, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you and your staff for your silent auction donation. Our gala, "A Night With Willy Wonka", was held at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center Ballroom in March and was truly a success with your help!
    Submitted by Julie Doyle, CHE, Program Coordinator, FSU College of Business
  • Thank you to the FSU Track and Field program for your help and support of our high school track meet and our team. Champions are measured on and off the arena of competition and you have spoken loudly of your honor in both. Thanks again!
    Submitted by Brady Flachs, Big Rapids High School Athletic Director
  • On behalf of the FLITE Marketing and Promotions Team, I send a big THANKS! to the FSU Cheerleading Team and Brutus for joining us for Patron Appreciation Day here at FLITE. You helped make the day a marvelous success for us - Thanks again so much! Your visit was so appreciated.
    Submitted by FLITE Library
  • This is just a brief note to thank you for your kindness in providing support for the Haiti Relief Effort. Your donation, along with others, allowed the University to make significant contributions to the American Red Cross effort. Thank you, we appreciate your support. The gift from Athletics was truly significant and assisted our effort greatly. Please thank all of your staff for the generous contribution.
    Submitted by Daniel L. Burcham, Ph.D., FSU Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Yoplait and the 2009 United Way Committee would like to say "Thank You" for going that extra mile. Thank you for your generous donation.
  • Jon Coles - On behalf of us here at Cran-Hill Ranch we are so very thankful for your organizations gift in helping make our two Community WinterFest 2010 Fun days happen. Jon, as you already know, Cran-Hill Ranch is involved in the lives of thousands each year and is very dependent on organizations and individuals to come along side and pitch in and help make this place available and a reality. What an honor it is to have Ferris State University partner with us in connecting with the community in this way. Thanks again for helping us make this a reality this winter.
    Submitted by Scott Barger, Cran-Hill Ranch Executive Director
  • Keri Becker - I just wanted to let you know that I have had 5 girls come find me this morning and comment on how GREAT the Indoor Camp was yesterday. They especially like the little clinics you ran and were impressed with how much you actually talked to them and the help the players gave them at each individual station.  I know as a player, it was easy to forget that you are making such a HUGE impact on the high school girls and your team did a great job staying upbeat and positive all day. THANKS AGAIN!!!
    Submitted by Laura Mumby
  • When the parents of Ferris State basketball players sent their boys to college, did they realize the coach would be teaching their sons much more than game skills? Mentoring, leadership, compassion, stewardship and positive role-modeling are just some of what they are learning. Coach Sall brought the team to host a basketball clinic for the boys from Eagle Village. They taught some drills, had them practice what they learned and put together a scramble to finish out the night. In January, Coach Sall also arranged for the boys from EV to attend one of Ferris’ basketball games. The boys were treated to lunch with the players beforehand and even got their faces painted by the cheerleaders. Some people donate dollars, others donate material goods and some donate their time by sharing what they love with the kids at Eagle Village. Some do all three! May the world be different because I was important in the life of a child.
    Submitted by Eagle Village Staff
  • Keri (Becker)- Just a note to congratulate you, your staff, and players for a very informative camp today. Great to see Amanda again! I thought everyone communicated extremely well with the campers explaining the drills and why you do them. Pitching and hitting! My biggest surprise was your players ability to share their knowledge and put it in terms that a much lower level player could understand. Very impressive! I know my pitchers were better when they walked out of the camp. I know I walked out a better coach! I am sure you will be hearing from them and will be seeing them at your camp this summer. Many thanks again, and wish you and the Bulldogs a most successful 2010.
    Submitted by Yogi Mort
  • I truly enjoyed attending the DigPink Volleyball fundraiser that supported our Susan P. Wheatlake Cancer and Wellness Center.  The game was full of action and fun to watch!  With your support, we are able to expand our services to help those diagnosed with cancer.  To explain our services, we are currently updating our website.  I hope you'll look us up and see how you are helping so many people.  With sincere appreciation and personal thanks.
    Submitted by Susan P. Wheatlake, Susan P. Wheatlake Women's Cancer and Wellness Fund
  • Thank-you for helping to make Sheridan Community Hospital's Silent & Live Auction fund-raiser, themed "It's Game Time," a huge success.  Your auction item(s) donation was very much appreciated.  On Friday, November 6, 150 SCH friends and neighbors gathered at this ninth annual event and together raised $17,600.  These funds will be added to the Three of Lights' year-end campaign, which has a minimum goal of $40,000 by December 31, 2009.  One hundred percent of these funds will go in providing for the purchase of new medical equipment.  It may also help with healthcare costs for at-risk children and families who cannot afford hospital services.  The entire evening was truly a great community mixer.  The crowd seemed to enjoy the 122 auction items on display and showed enthusiasm and excitement through their auction bidding.  In addition to the silent auction, everyone had a lot of fun with our live auction.  Carl Wall, auctioneer, seems to have a real "gift of gab" and is such an asset to this event.  Again, thank you and I look forward to seeing you and working with you in the future.
    Submitted by Susan Wyckoff McFarland, Community Relations Sheridan Community Hospital
  • Thank you for all your help.  All of the football players were well mannered and a big treat for the kids.
    Submitted by Tyler Schuberg

  • Thank you for all your help with the Blues & BBQ event. We were able to raise enough money for a student scholarship. We appreciate your willingness to work with Student Government. Thank you again!
    Submitted by FSU Student Government

  • What a GREAT group of young men you sent over. I was so impressed. They were fun, mature, interactive, and just...fun! They seemed sincerely interested in trying to get our kids involved and doing something. Please pass on to the coach and the young men that they represented FSU well that night, and themselves. They are welcome back at our Activity Night any time.
    Submitted by Lenore Weaver, Big Rapids Middle School

  • Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to sell our shirts and handout information.  We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us and hope we can continue to work with you in the future.  Thanks again.
    Submitted by FSU Colleges Against Cancer
  • Coach Sall & Coach Anderson - Thanks for all the effort to get your players here on a Sunday evening. We really appreciate what you did for the kids. We could tell it meant the world to them. These are kids who often have had no adult in their past lives that will teach, guide or encourge them in any way. Thanks for making their stay here at Eagle Village a bit brighter! Looking forward to attending the game that Coach Sall invited us to attend!
    Submitted by Casey Salminen, Development Officer at Eagle Village 
  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the softball camp you and your staff and players put on yesterday (Feb. 13). My daughter, being only a seventh-grader, learned so much and gained a lot from working with your players. It was a positive experience and we will definitely participate in the future. Thank you for an outstanding camp.
    Submitted by Johna Thatcher
  • St. Peter's Lutheran School would like to thank you for contributing to our Annual Fall Fashion Show this year.  This is our only fundraiser for the year and this year was another success!  The Show raised $10,200!  The fundraising money will go towards the school to use for computer equipment, playground equipment, and educational supplies.  The Silent Auction Committee, school children, parents, and school administrators would like to especially thank you for your donation.  Without your assistance our event would not have been as successful.  Thank you very much for your support of our school!
    Submitted by Susan Jones, St. Peter's Lutheran Church & School Silent Auction Committee
  • Thank you for the generous donation by Ferris State University Athletics, in the amount of $195, from activities at the October 9th "Dig Pink" women's volleyball game.  The continuing support and friendship of FSU and its sports teams is gratifying and rewarding.  It is our belief that taking part in charity events provides strong fundamental values for student athletes as well. As requested, the funds will be placed in the Susan P. Wheatlake Women's Cancer and Wellness Fund where they will help support the work of the Wheatlake Center in assisting people facing cancer. Best of the season, and best of luck to our athletes in the coming year.
    Submitted by Thomas J. Hogenson, RN, Executive Director Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation 
  • Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Books and Balls Day at FSU. It was really wonderful to see another "slice of life" with the school children's enthusiasm along with the excitement of the volleyball tournament. I hope you were pleased with the day! I did receive a personal phone call from Mrs. Kent at Riverview Elementary to thank me for the contribution of the books. It's heartwarming to know it was appreciated. Thanks again, it was fun. I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future.
    Submitted by Kathryn Wildermuth, General Manager Country Inn Suites
  • With the help of our Campus Community and the American Cancer Society FSU Relay for Life Team, your FSU Team raised $11,800.  Mecosta County Total is $65,000 and money is still coming in.  Thank-you very much!!!  Many thanks to all of the area/people below -- without them, we couldn't accomplish much of what we do at the Relay: Vice President-Jerry Scoby; Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Management-Matt Pinter, Diane Maguire, and Annette Keyt; Physical Plant-Mike Hughes, Will Gasper, Jim A. White, Glen Zobel & Students, Annette Erler; Copy Center-Jane Pedelty; College of Prefessional & Technological Studies; College of Business-Dave Nicol; Custodial Supervisors-Kevin Jackson and Gary Gawne; Dining Services-Lori Helmer and Gary Schneider; Timme Center-Terri Bloomquist & Jim Lindsey; Hockey-Bob Daniels; Men's Basketball-Bill Sall; Softball-Keri Becker; Volleyball-Tia Brandel-Wilhelm; Tennis-Alex Palladino; Cross Country and Track-Steve Picucci, and Women's Basketball-Tracey Dorow.
    Submitted by Debby Buck, FSU Relay For Life Coordinator 

  • What a hoot!! The kids had a GREAT time with the FSU athletes. It was like we had superstars on the premises. I don't know if your young men realize the impact of their presence. They are big and strong and fast ... and cool. We had some very IN AWE middle schoolers that day. Thank you for sending them over. It was truly a great experience for our kids. We look forward to your continued sharing activities with us in the future.
    Submitted by Lenore Weaver, Big Rapids Public Schools
  • On Feb.6, your basketball team visited the Hillsdale McDonald's for breakfast. While they were there, my mother was there also with some lady friends celebrating her 87th birthday. Someway, these young men heard this and they began singing Happy Birthday to her. This really was very special to her for many reasons. One being that our youngest son, Ben Jones graduated from Ferris State, in 2003 from the GM Automotive Program. Ben was very close to"Grandma Chickie", when he lost his life in 2005 in a car accident and it was very difficult for all of us. I want to thank you and your team for making this a very special day for my mom. You have a great team of young men. Please pass on our appreciation to them for us.
    Submitted by Nancy Jones

  • I received the most fabulous telephone call last Friday afternoon and need to share it with you. Sue Glover called to relay a story from her elderly parents. They were traveling and stayed at the same motel as the Ferris men's and women's tennis teams last week in Indianapolis. Apparently the breakfast area was full when this couple walked in. The coach jumped up, found seating for them and helped them. A little later, another couple walked in and received the same kindness. These people were so impressed that they shared with Sue, who was so touched by the gesture that she called our office - choking back tears (which, of course, made me cry). I expressed gratitude that she would take the time to call and told her that our coaches not only teach their sport, but teach courtesy and civic engagement to our students. She said that our tennis coaches certainly lead by example. We are so fortunate to have good people all around us! The good Ferris name lives on ...
    Submitted by Elaine Kamptner, FSU Executive Secretary to the President

  • On behalf of myself, the staff and board of directors of Project Starburst, I would like to thank you for your very generous donation. Your support helps to maintain services to our most needy neighbors. Thank you for making a positive difference in our ability to offer much needed services to needy families in Mecosta and Osceola Counties.
    Submitted by Mary Doran, Project Starburst

  • Thank you for your support in the planning and advertising of the inaugural Blues and BBQ festival. Because of your help, we had over 500 people in attendance despite the rain and raised $2,300 for need-based scholarships. Many of those in attendance were community members and I did not speak to a single person who did not have a great time. Without your help, this could not have been possible. Thanks again and I hope next year will be even better.
    Submitted by Joe Viviano, Blues & BBQ Festival

  • Thank you so much for helping our group. We were able to raise awareness for the relay and over $1,000 between the raffle and shirt sales. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to generate awareness of cancer-related issues. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to any that may exist in the future.
    Submitted by FSU Colleges Against Cancer

  • The Festival of the Arts has become a wonderful event for our University and the local community. Thank you for taking time to support, guide and facilitate this year's Festival of the Arts. Your efforts combined with the efforts of so many in our Ferris community helped make this a truly extraordinary experience. We look forward to next year's Festival as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of Ferris State University. On behalf of everyone in our campus community, thank you for your work with the Festival of the Arts.
    Submitted by David L. Eisler, Ferris State University President

  • We thank you and the basketball players for their participation in our activity night last Friday. Your players conducted themselves very well. It's been my tendency to 'overplan' gym activities during these nights, and I left it very flexible for the kids this year. Your guys did great. Thanks again.
    Submitted by Jeff Kigar, Big Rapids Public Schools

  • I am writing to express thanks for the generosity and stewardship you have shown through your contribution of $1,028.00 to the Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation, Susan P. Wheatlake Cancer and Wellness Fund. Through your donation, we will build a strong and effective means for supporting the healing mission of MCMC. It is especially gratifying to know that a valued friend, such as yourself has chosen to be an active partner in this enterprise. We will work all the harder to make certain that the MCMC Foundation creates the maximum benefit from your gift on behalf of our community's health resource. Again, many thanks for your thoughtful generosity.
    Submitted by Tom Hogenson, Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation Public Relations Manager

  • Thank you for organizing the volunteer effort with your football and hockey programs to help us move during our renovation. The young men who helped us out were fabulous workers. They offered their assistance when we move back as well. Thanks again.
    Submitted by Pat Heeter, Artworks

  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much fun the group of people had when we came up to the Ferris State-Michigan hockey game back in February. Our group of people consisted of six alumni (of the eight parents) and our kids had so much fun at the game. It is great to see that the University and the hockey program continue to grow and become great institutions. Our group had so much fun that we are planning to do it again this year (schedules permitting due to the boys hockey schedule). They now want to stay for both games of a weekend, not just one game. It should also be noted that the alumni who returned were very impressed. A couple of them had not been back in years and were truly proud to see the changes that had been made.
    Submitted by Craig Lisko, Former FSU Hockey Student-Athlete and Ascension Health Information Services Project Manager

  • I just wanted to send you and your girls a short e-mail to say "Thanks!" You folks put on an awesome one day camp for these girls. My daughter, Makenna, learned a ton and really enjoyed herself. We were fortunate to bring two other girls with us for the day and they were delighted to have gone as well. We so appreciated that you were able to be on the field offering one on one instruction for them. You seem to have a team of girls behind you that are second to none. They all carried themselves very professionally and were so good working with the younger set. It is always nice to see young women take an active and positive role in working with younger girls. I know that Makenna came away with a great deal more than just softball skills from the day. She talked about wanting to attend college and "be like those older girls". Having graduated from Ferris I was so proud of my fellow Bulldogs! Again, what a great clinic you ran and what great role models you have there! Way to go and thank you.
    Submitted by Denneen Smith, Little Traverse Bay Bands Social Services Program Director

  • Thank you so much for the donation of 110 items of food, which was received by the Manna Pantry on June 3rd. Although you contributed the food to a local elementary school, please rest assured that the food will go to a needy family. We serve 80-100 families a month, the majority of which have children. Thanks for your help in feeding the hungry of Mecosta County.
    Submitted by Isabel Kenyrton, Pantry Coordinator

  • I wanted to let you know the fellows who came out to help us setup for our event were a great bunch of guys. They were a big help with the take down and set up. Mr. Sobers (City Manager) said it was fantastic to have some young men helping us this year.
    Submitted by Wendy Nystrom
    , Community Resident